The Concept of Tropical Urbanism in Vida Bekasi

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Bekasi has become one of the buffer zones of the capital that is in demand as a place to live. There are many apartments and tread houses built in the city of Bekasi. One of them is Vida Bekasi, developed by Gunas Land, which has 130 hectares of land. The area is integrated with the master plan concept of Tropical Urbanism, which is the concept of life that is aware and responsive to the tropical climate.

Vida Bekasi is committed to providing decent, quality housing that is able to improve the quality of life of its residents. Not only architecturally, but also the provision of a comfortable and sustainable environment. Vida Bekasi took architect Andra Matin to create a master plan.

"The construction of this new branch is expected to be able to support the availability of health facilities for residents in the Narogong area, Bekasi," Edward said in a statement released in Jakarta on Friday (9/3/2018).

The design is the main theme and is realized through contemporary designs that can support the needs of residents, both environment and facilities.

"Gunas Land is committed to improving the quality standards of property development by carrying out the concept of eco living. Lifestyle trends that emphasize the creation of the concept of sustainable development. Gunas Land also integrates the taste of Indonesia through buildings and various activities, "explained Edward Kusma, Director of Vida Bekasi.

The Vida Bekasi area has two districts, Bumipala (formerly Grand Bekasi) and Bumiwedari (the Vida Bekasi area), and has 50 percent green open space. At present Vida Bekasi has four residential clusters, Premier Savanna, Taman Apel, Taman Durian, and Taman Frambosa, which have more than 9,000 inhabitants.

As for the types of dwellings marketed, they vary from type 37 to 105. "We are marketing houses of types 37/72 to 105/120 with prices ranging from Rp300 million to Rp1.3 billion. The total number of houses to be built is 10 thousand to 15 thousand units, "Edward explained.

Not only landed houses, Vida Bekasi also provides an exclusive apartment called Teras Alun-Alun. Vertical housing to accommodate workers or the community with limited income. In designing Teras Alun-Alun, Vida Bekasi took Suryawinata-Heizelmann Architecture & Urbanism (SHAU), an architectural firm founded by Indonesian and German architect duo, Daliana Suryawinata and Florian Heinzelmann.

SHAU outlines the principles of humanist architecture for collective dwelling that takes into account the human factors that live in it.

Vida Bekasi will also be equipped with supporting facilities, such as the Bina Nusantara School in an area of ​​30,000 square meters that is ready to become one of the best schools in the city of Bekasi. Saraswati Sembilan facilities, sports club arena, Anyar Market, and place of worship.

In addition to building housing, Vida Bekasi is working with Waste4Change to educate residents to sort waste. Another initiative is the cultivation of Farm4Life, an organic garden where fertilizer is obtained from the composting of residents' waste.

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