Gunas Land Developer Pushes Community Development Index

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JAKARTA - The property developer of Gunas Land through the integrated Vida Bekasi area of ​​130 hectares (ha) pushed the level of Community Development Index (HDI) in the City of Bekasi, West Java.

Director of Vida Bekasi, Edward Kusma, said the effort was made through the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS) to build a new hospital in the middle of the Vida Bekasi area.

"The construction of this new branch is expected to be able to support the availability of health facilities for residents in the Narogong area, Bekasi," Edward said in a statement released in Jakarta on Friday (9/3/2018).

Based on data from the Bekasi City Private Hospital Association, in 2016, dozens of private and state hospitals in Bekasi City were still type C and D. For type A hospitals that had more facilities and infrastructure complete is needed in the city of Bekasi.

He hopes, with the construction of a new branch of Bunda Hospital in the Bekasi area, it is expected to be able to meet the needs of adequate health facilities and help improve the level of health in the Bekasi area.

"The construction of a new branch of the Bunda Hospital in Jakarta in the Vida Bekasi area is part of the commitment to add health facilities in the Bekasi area," said Edward.

Meanwhile, Director of BMHS, Nanik Indriani said that in 2018, Bunda Hospital would like to expand the reach of health services to the Bekasi area by building a new branch in the strategic area of ​​Vida Bekasi. Later, Bunda Bekasi Hospital will be built on a premium scale and equipped with various modern health facilities.

"We chose Vida Bekasi because this location is quite strategic and close to a fairly dense settlement. Hopefully the Bunda Hospital will further complement other facilities in the Narogong area, Bekasi," Nanik explained.

The construction of a new branch of the Bunda Hospital in the Bekasi area is expected to contribute to improving the Bekasi City Community Development Index (HDI), which is currently ranked second at the provincial level.

One indicator that can drive its growth is the availability of access and quality of health services which are realized through the construction of the Mother Hospital in Bekasi.

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